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  • Make Your Own Sparge Tank

    These are some simple and fairly cheap plans for building your own sparge tank. This setup is what I am currently using for batch sparging for 5-10 gallons of all grain homebrew. It can also be used for continuous sparging with a few modifications.

    What You Need

    • At least 5’ of 3/8” inner diameter clear vinyl tube. There is hi-temp vinyl tube and standard vinyl tube the difference being outside diameter. This setup uses standard vinyl tube. You can use high temp if you wish but some modifications to these plans will have to be made.
    • 4 pcs stainless steel 3/8” hose clamps
    • 24” section of stainless steel braided supply line ½” diameter.
    • 3/8” valve
    • 2 pcs 3/8” barbed tube nipples
    • Teflon tape
    • 52 quart cooler with a drain hole

    1. The first step is to cut the ends off of the braided stainless steel line. Then crimp one end of the line with pliers and close the crimp with one of the hose clamps.

    2. Apply Teflon tape to the threaded end of the barbed nipples and thread into valve.

    3. Attach a section of vinyl tube (6”-9”) to the barb on the side of valve so that when valve is opened the handle is positioned to the opposite barb (see illustration below). Then attach remaining tube to opposite end and attach hose clamp.

    4. Place a hose clamp over the cooler drain, but do not tighten. Insert the smaller tube end of the valve assembly through the cooler drain hole and press barb into hole. Then tighten hose clamp. Use a socket wrench to tighten, but do not over tighten as the plastic WILL crack probably resulting in a leak. Tighten just enough so that no fluid will leak.

    This is where the difference between high temp vinyl tube and standard tube comes into play. High temp’s outside diameter is too large to fit through with the barb. In this setup standard vinyl tubing is being used.

    5. Check to make sure at least 1” of hose is inside cooler but no more than 2”.

    6. Connect the braided stainless supply line to the vinyl tube and attach hose clamp. Do not over tighten you want to get flow through this connection. Just enough so the steel line won’t easily slip off.

    The sparge tank is now complete.

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